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The Most SIMPLE Straight Path Building & Running a THRIVING & Sustainable Online Info-business

No matter if you are an author, speaker, coach, consultant, or trainer… If you have a message you want to share with the world and turn it into a business, this applies to you.

For starters, stop listening to every single person under the sun’s advice on what to do, where to go, and which tools to use. There are a million different legitimate things you can do to grow a sustainable info-business, and still have a million more things you can do… You do not need them all to be successful.

Stay focused on the overall goal… Which is, at the end of the day, to deliver your information to all the people struggling with the problems that your information solves, while delegating the systematic tasks to your fellow team members or software.

These are my highest recommendations of the most fundamental structure to start and what to do…

BIG PICTURE VIEW: Overall funnel system (what you need):

  • Front end freebie offer (lead magnet)
  • Back end (low cost) product (aka trip wire)
  • Back end (higher cost) program (coaching, workshop, etc)
Design & Development:
  • Logo, tagline, story
  • Landing pages & order pages for each product/offer (lead page, trip wire page, back end sales page)
  • Payment processor / online merchant account (to accept online payments)
  • Affiliate tracking system (to track referral sales & commissions)
  • Hosting account with domain name & wordpress blog installed
  • Follow up sequence (21+ email autoresponder messages)
  • Social media profiles (at least fb, twitter, youtube, linkedin)
  • Customer care/support center (email / phone / chat support)
  • Social community group (facebook, meetup, etc)
  • Social networking (join and participate in at least 3 popular social networking groups where your target audience hangs out)
  • Consistent new content to address top issues, hot topics, and current events.
  • New content distributed to all applicable social media sites & press release directories (blog, fb, twitter, youtube, linkedin, PRweb, etc)
  • Share a combination of entertaining, enlightening, empowering, educational, inspirational, & interactive posts on the social networking groups your belong to (rotating different posts on different days, in different groups)

*My Recommended In-house Team:

#1 Virtual Assistant – your firght-hand guy/gal who is well versed in what you do, who your clients are, and how your operations are run. They handle any kind of work that is not absolutely necessary for you to run yourself.

Brilliant Copywriter – who knows you, your business, your clients, and your products inside out, and can do a pretty good job capturing your voice in their writing, and influence your target audience to take action on your emails, and landing pages.

AWESOME Designer & Developer – who knows the science of landing page optimization, and skilled in capturing your story, message, and brand into a visual graphic, and come to life on the internet.

Positive Sales & Support Rep – who will help answer all the questions your potential new clients inquire about (via chat or over the phone), and recommends the best next steps (or your products / programs) for them, based on what they need most.

*My Recommended Tools:

IFTTT.com (if this then that) – helps automate the social sharing tasks
Sociocaster.com – helps automate your facebook & twitter posts
Meetup.com – create a meetup group targeting your specific target audience, and just watch how meetup grows your audience FOR YOU!
ChatProfit plugin – allows you (or your VA) to chat with people on your wordpress site
MailerLite.com – autoresponder, similar to aweber or mailchimp… allows you to set up email follow up sequence
Bluehost.com – hosting account with free domain included
ThriveThemes – wordpress themes and plugins for landing page templates
ThriveCart.com – order page creator & affiliate center
Paypal.com or Stripe.com – payment processors / merchant accounts
Amazon s3 – to secure the downloadable digital products you’re selling
WebinarJam or StartWebinar – to run webinars & sell your products on almost automatically
Zoom – to run masterminds, online workshops, virtual meetups
PRweb – one of the most trusted press release directories (we have an even better secret in-house PR source… let us know if you’re interested)

UPDATE: Check out our products reviews under the “resources” tab for more awesome tools that get our highest endorsement & we offer special bonuses for getting them through us.

*My Recommended Business Model (simplified):

(after the initial sales funnel is set up – lead page, offer page, email follow up sequence, etc… this is how I would manage and grow the business itself)

  1. Research Highly Valuable Content (always be on the lookout for topics to create content about)..
  • Problems
  • Products
  • News

–> I use the google keyword tool to find out what are the most talked about topics in any niche, and those would be my first “go-to” chapters in my ebook, or posts in my blog, etc.

–> I also use online forums, & yahoo answers in my niche to find the most replied topics, and use those.

–> And any kind of big stuff going on in the news… If I have ANYTHING to say about it, I will.

2. Post the new content to the blog, and share on all social platforms & press release directories.

3. Strategically post on specific social media groups, using the system mentioned above, and a spreadsheet to keep track of it.

4. Set up a webinar, and invite the people who interacted with my posts to the webinar.

5. Sell my program on the webinar…

– or (ninja move) don’t sell on this one, but instead… invite them to a second webinar in the next few days, and allow them to invite guests to it… then, sell on that webinar.

6. Rinse & Repeat

*My Recommended Business Model #2 (simplified):

1. Create meetup group on Meetup.com

2. Write out in the description:

  • Exactly who your target audience is
  • The BIGGEST benefits of joining the meetup (networking, having fun, learning cool stuff, masterminding, etc)
  • How often & where you’ll meetup (if you don’t know yet, just give a rough estimate, and say you’ll meetup both virtually on zoom & in person)

***I repeat: YOU CAN HOST A MEETUP ON ZOOM (it does not have to be in person)***

3. Share it on your social networking profiles.

4. Sit back, and let it grow.

5. Three to five days later, make an announcement to the group members (yeah, they will be there)… That the first meetup will be virtually on zoom, and invite them to join.

6. From there, you decide how you want to run the show… But you’ll have your perfect audience right there in front of you, following your leadership… Have fun & make some sales!

7. Expand your meetup to other countries around the world, and repeat process (host virtual meetups).

Of course, this is really just the tip of the iceberg… We’ve only touched on the surface here…

In conclusion, here’s my BIGGEST piece of advice…

There are MILLIONS of business models and formulas you can follow to do the same thing a different way… But ultimately, it all comes down to these things.

I’ve added some specific recommendations that I personally highly recommend.

But the IMPORTANT LESSON I want to get across here is that you really don’t need a whole bunch of stuff to be successful.

Don’t go try to buy all the latest software in the world, and assemble a massive team before making your first million dollar info-business (or even first dollar).

Work smart, and go the simple route. 😉

Hope this post was helpful for you!

Please share it with your friends & colleagues who can benefit from it as well.

If you need help with any of this, we have (in my humble opinion) the BEST resources, systems, and guidance available to you.

Just email us at support@infopreneuragency.com and we will do everything in our power to help you out. 😉

We’ve got your back. 😉

Rock on!

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