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Sales Funnel + Marketing Campaign Development Process (Team Training 2)

Got a little insider treat for you today.

I wanna let you in on some of the in-house training provided to our online marketing interns.

Tons of GOOD STUFF here… Thought it would be helpful for you and anyone else looking to grow an online info-business.

This is the second call – if you wanna see the first one where I share the core “under-rated” fundamentals of business and marketing success (and all other videos I post), subscribe to our youtube channel.



P.S. For your convenience, here are the cliff notes of all the main points mentioned on the video:

6 Phases:

* Plan & Prepare
* Strategize
* Create & Produce
* (Pre) Launch & Test
* Tweak & Optimize
* (Launch) Scale & Grow

* Plan & Prepare:

1. Client Questionnaire Form {Client}
2. “Discovery Call” {Collaboration}
3. Market Research {Agency}
4. Data Analysis {Collaboration}

* Strategize:

1. 2-3 “Hook” Variations
2. Irresistible Offer
3. Marketing Funnel Blueprint
4. Social Media Promotion Blueprint
5. Execution Strategy

* Create & Produce:

1. Sales Funnel Development
2. Social Media Pages
3. Social Media Campaign Development
4. Website Development (if necessary)

* (Pre) Launch & Test:

1. First 2-3 Ads/Funnel Campaigns
2. Social Media Campaign(s)

* Tweak & Optimize:

1. Analyze data from ad performance
2. Pause the losers
3. “Split Test” the winners

* (Launch) Scale & Grow:

(AFTER you have at least 1 WINNER)

EXPAND TO MORE Marketing Avenues & Ventures




– Webinar Presentations
– Guest Blogging Opportunities
– Media/Press Publications
– Radio / Podcast Interviews
– Local Meetups & Conferences
– Guest Speaking Engagements
– Keynote Speaking Engagements
– SlideShare Promotion
– Lead/Client Acquisition
– Referral Rewards Program
– Joint Venture Partnerships
– Affiliate/Referral Recruitment
– Sales Rep Recruitment
– Sponsorship Opportunities
– Call Center

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