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How We Build Our Funnels – Step By Step Process (Putting The ‘Funnel Puzzle’ Together)

If you have ever tried to put together a sales funnel, you’ll know that it’s not as easy as Russell Brunson makes it look. šŸ˜›

You have your emails, your capture page, your sales page, your order page, your access page… And now you gotta somehow put them all together. #whatamission

In this 2 hour video (yup, you’re gonna wanna get some coffee for this one), I walk you through the exact step by step process we use to create sales funnels for our business apps.

Surprisingly, I haven’t seen anyone explain this process step by step, and because of that – A LOT of people are left with a bunch of piecesĀ of the “funnel puzzle” and struggle to put everything together in the right order.

Actually, 99% of people who attempt to build a funnel on their own, are doing it completely wrong (or shall I say,Ā “backwards”).

I also share some of my biggest secrets to writing powerful email copy that you can use to close more sales in your business.

Keep in mind, this video is also a semi-training tutorial for our in-house developers and interns.

With that said, I do make some comments here and there addressed specifically to our team (to pay attention lol)… But the message and the lessons I share are really meant for you to learn from and adapt to your own business.

Some of the tools mentioned:


Drag n’ Drop Pro & Mailing Boss (pageĀ builder with built inĀ autoresponder)

ThriveCart (order page builder)

Zaxaa, JV Zoo, DirectPay (other order pageĀ builders)

Pretty Link Pro (link tracking plugin)



P.S. Here are the steps broken down for you:

Step 1. Create “Customer” Autoresponder list with at least one “welcome” email

Step 2. Create Thank You Page (linking to access page)

Step 3. Create Order Page (linking to autoresponder list)

Step 4. Create Sales Page (linking to order page)


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