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Case Study: How I Generated 80+ Qualified Leads In 2 Days For FREE (part 1 of 2)

Got a SUPER SPECIAL TREAT for you today! πŸ˜‰

First off, Congratulations on finding this post!

What you’re about to learn here is absolute PURE WHITE GOLD.

This is the first video (of two) documenting my new discovery I’ve found that’s building my list on complete autopilot, and connecting us with some seriously awesome people that are eager to work with us at the same time. πŸ™‚

We’re averaging about 20-25 HOT fresh (email + phone) leads every single day – and it only took me 2 hours to set this up.

(watch the video for the basic low down, and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the second – more in-depth – video).

Here’s the General 4-Step Breakdown:
  1. Create a job posting on indeed.com, targeting your IDEAL client.
  2. Ad some JUICY copy in there, to really sell the benefits of “working” with you/your company.
  3. Export applicants + Add them to your autoresponder (we recommend app.dndpro.io for a no-hassle import).
  4. Send your applicants an email, inviting them to a longer survey form built on your page, which they must fill out in order to receive the orientation/interview call details (connecting to your autoresponder).
    • Of course, this does take some basic web development skills, or at least a platform to build your pages on easily (we recommend app.dndpro.io for that as well).
    • Check out my example here (built on wordpress with “gravity forms” plugin – if you need a copy, lmk). πŸ˜‰
  • You have eliminated 95% of the “tire kickers” and “non-serious” applicants.
  • You have GOLDEN information about your applicants that you can use for whatever you’d like.
  • You have their BEST email address, instead of their “indeed.com” email.
So… What’s next?

Totally up to you… But at the time of writing this, it’s been 5 days and we have:

106 targeted leads/applicants > 21 forms submitted from even MORE targeted leads, ready and excited to jump on a call with us next week!

After our call, we will have…
  • 5 new furiously passionate online marketing interns ready to kick some ass with us online, learn from our awesome marketing team, grow their own business at the same time, leverage our powerhouse JV partners, and play with our EPIC business automation tools.
  • 21+ new connections with every single person on that call, regardless of whether they are chosen for the job or not.
  • 106+ applicants that I can contact via email or phone, about anything related to becoming an online marketing intern, or learning “online marketing” in general.
Now, it’s your turn (no more excuses)…

I just laid everything out for you to model and duplicate for yourself.

How are YOU going to implement this strategy in YOUR business?

What kind of leads are you going to attract to YOUR brand?

How many people are you going to sign up? πŸ™‚

You won’t know till you give it a shot…

One more final tip:

If this does not work for you the first 1-3 times, please don’t give up.

Instead, test a new headline, some new copy, a new angle, or a completely different audience altogether.

Odds are, you can benefit from working with more than just your “super narrowed down micro-niche” audience. Maybe there’s something you can offer to a much wider crowd. πŸ˜‰

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