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5 Landing Page Optimization Tips To Convert More Visitors (PodcastBay.net Feedback)

“What does it take to get people to actually OPT-IN and BUY your stuff online?”


Here’s a quick video I shot for my buddy, after looking over his first sales funnel and just had to say something…

Of course, I never give feedback without asking first…

Learned my lesson after publishing a lovely HELPFUL video for Tom Antion (legendary internet marketer)’s dreadful sales page…


Special thanks to Scott Doucet for allowing me to share this feedback with the rest of the world. 🙂

When you create your first funnel, it’s a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!

But… If you are not properly trained in Landing Page Optimization, you could end up losing SO MUCH time, money, and customers because your message is not made clear enough.

We’re all guilty of it… And there’s ALWAYS something we can improve…

Hopefully, with this video training, you’ll at least be on the right track to getting some favorable results with your campaigns right from the start…

Key Takeaways From This Video:

1. Keep your brand design consistent with your brand values.

2. Make sure your visitors know (within the first 3-5 seconds of landing on your page):

– What is this?
– What am I doing here?
– What do you want me to do?
– Why should I do it?

…With the PRIMARY objective of the page at the VERY TOP.

3. Use language and graphic design to match with your brand/product theme

4. Use different fonts, colors, styles, & sizes to emphasize certain words and sections of the page that are important.

Side tip:


P.S. Sorry for the temporary blindness.

Use it with CAUTION, and NEVER excessively.

5. ALWAYS include a “Legal Disclaimer” AKA “Terms & Conditions” page on ALL pages of your funnel.

Hope this helps YOU with your landing page design!

This comes from my own personal experience creating thousands of funnels, reading all kinds of books, and going through all kinds of certification programs over the last 10 years…

But the real expert designer is (without a doubt) Emanuela Dadarlat, the GREATEST online brand designer in the world! 🙂

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