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Why EVERY Business Owner Should be an “Infopreneur” Nowadays

By Omar Briones / November 4, 2016

Long gone are the “buy my products because I say so” advertisements… Today, more and more people are buying products not based on what an advertisement tells them… But from doing serious research about the product first (thanks to the internet)… And using the information they gather from the sources they find, to decide if […]


Celebrating our FIRST post on the Huffington Post!

By Omar Briones / September 10, 2016

This day, September 10th, 2016, marks the FIRST POST we publish on the Huffington Post! 🙂 Check it out… It’s called: Why EVERY Business Owner Should be an “Infopreneur” Nowadays Before you do… I want you to imagine what this kind of authority and credibility can do for your business and brand. Apply to be […]