3 Cutting-Edge Money Making Apps For $5 Each! – WHY??

“Why Are We Selling 3 New Cutting-Edge Money Making Apps For $5 Each During This Independence Day Sale?”


Video reveals all. 🙂

Yeah, I know I’m crazy for doing this… And it’s NEVER been done before. I’m probably netting about $2 per sale after transaction fees. lol.

But I’m really curious to see:

  1. How many people will take advantage of this once in a lifetime offer.
  2. How many people will invest more than the minimum $5 required.
  3. How much income will this sale actually generate for us – and help us continue to bring more AWESOME products to the marketplace.

The other reason I’m doing it is because people tend to purchase products and do nothing with them when they don’t cost much… But then again, I do wanna hook people up still, so I’ve decided to let this experiment tell me if I’m onto something or totally screwing myself over.

If the sale actually turns out profitable, we may do it again in the future for new innovations. 🙂

How This Sale Works:


Quite convenient to be during Independence Day – celebrating your FREEDOM to choose your own price! 🙂

It’s very simple.

Step 1. Just click the “order now” button on each sales page (links below).
Step 2. Choose from either “Retail Price” or “Choose Your Price”
Step 3. Enter the amount you wish to contribute to the cause ($5 minimum).
Step 4. Enjoy your LIFETIME Unlimited – Unrestricted Access to your Money Making Apps!

The 3 Money Making Apps For $5 Each:

I’ve carefully selected these three apps specifically because they all provide ways to help you generate and close MORE sales (as in actual money in your bank).

Meaning each of them can certainly produce an ROI for ANYONE who implements them into their business.

PLUS… Each app also includes a PREMIUM Webinar where we will create a campaign together on a live call & I will reveal 3 outside the box tactics to use each app to make money and get more business!

Here they are:

App #1: DialCaller (Phone Directory Hotline)

“Your Own Digital Gatekeeper & Lead Qualifier That Turns Your Business Phone Number Into A Professional Call Center or Premium Hotline Service”

Watch Video Demo: 


Retail: $397 One Time or $97/mo Subscription
Before July 5th, 2018: $5
Learn More (in new tab) >

Lock In Lifetime Savings Now >


App #2: ConnectPro (Phone Call Connector)

“Instantly Connect With Your Site Visitors On The Phone LIVE While They’re Still HOT & Ready To Buy!”

Watch Video Demo: 

Retail: $397 One Time or $97/mo Subscription
Before July 5th, 2018: $5
Learn More (in new tab) >

Lock In Lifetime Savings Now >


App #3: CapturePro (Email Lead Box Creator)

“Quickly & Easily Capture THOUSANDS of Leads From Your Site In 4 Subtle Yet POWERFUL Ways”

Watch Video Demo: 

Retail: $397 One Time or $97/mo Subscription
Before July 5th, 2018: $5
Learn More (in new tab) >

Lock In Lifetime Savings Now >



You have the opportunity to claim lifetime unrestricted access to these apps for $5 (till July 5th, 2018)… But if they are worth more to you and you can afford it, please hook a brotha up with whatever price the app is worth to you. 🙂


Your support will NOT go unnoticed.

Keep in mind, we’re all about collaborations and creating WIN-WIN-WIN-WINS for our clients and partners…

Also keep in mind, we can plug you in to all kinds of powerful resources not available anywhere else – that can take your message to the MILLIONS of people through our JV Network.

#justsaying – You scratch our backs, we’ll scratch yours even harder (if that’s even a thing… I think it is… you get the point). 😉

Thank you!

& Enjoy!


P.S. If you’re catching this promotion a bit too late, you can still get an amazing deal on these apps if you click the order buttons.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any future promotions, make sure you are subscribed to our Premium Email List & KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR INBOX!

You can subscribe below (powered by CapturePro):

5 Landing Page Optimization Tips To Convert More Visitors (PodcastBay.net Feedback)

“What does it take to get people to actually OPT-IN and BUY your stuff online?”


Here’s a quick video I shot for my buddy, after looking over his first sales funnel and just had to say something…

Of course, I never give feedback without asking first…

Learned my lesson after publishing a lovely HELPFUL video for Tom Antion (legendary internet marketer)’s dreadful sales page…


Special thanks to Scott Doucet for allowing me to share this feedback with the rest of the world. 🙂

When you create your first funnel, it’s a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT!

But… If you are not properly trained in Landing Page Optimization, you could end up losing SO MUCH time, money, and customers because your message is not made clear enough.

We’re all guilty of it… And there’s ALWAYS something we can improve…

Hopefully, with this video training, you’ll at least be on the right track to getting some favorable results with your campaigns right from the start…

Key Takeaways From This Video:

1. Keep your brand design consistent with your brand values.

2. Make sure your visitors know (within the first 3-5 seconds of landing on your page):

– What is this?
– What am I doing here?
– What do you want me to do?
– Why should I do it?

…With the PRIMARY objective of the page at the VERY TOP.

3. Use language and graphic design to match with your brand/product theme

4. Use different fonts, colors, styles, & sizes to emphasize certain words and sections of the page that are important.

Side tip:


P.S. Sorry for the temporary blindness.

Use it with CAUTION, and NEVER excessively.

5. ALWAYS include a “Legal Disclaimer” AKA “Terms & Conditions” page on ALL pages of your funnel.

Hope this helps YOU with your landing page design!

This comes from my own personal experience creating thousands of funnels, reading all kinds of books, and going through all kinds of certification programs over the last 10 years…

But the real expert designer is (without a doubt) Emanuela Dadarlat, the GREATEST online brand designer in the world! 🙂

Helpful References:


* More Training & Resources…


– Join our VIP membership for free (to get more awesome tips like this):

– Schedule a consultation or learn more about our services:

– Learn more brand design tips from Emanuela:

– More free “Landing Page Optimization” training:

– Our Recommended Drag n’ Drop Funnel Builder:

* SHOUT OUT to Scott Doucet – the Podcast Genius…


– Check out Scott’s AWESOME Podcast Training Program:

– Connect with Scott on facebook (mention “Infopreneur” to get something special). 😉



MASTERMIND GRAND RE-OPENING – November 4th, 2017 (sneak peek)


Join us Saturday, Nov 4th, at 10:10am pacific for our new and improved Q&A brainstorm mastermind on zoom.


Special gift to those who attend live. 😍

Aside from having a good time, we will help you overcome any challenge you have in your business, and give you more details about what we have in store for you. 

See you there! 

Be ready to…


…ANYTHING you want (more details coming soon)! 😎

Over the next year, you will learn (from our super bad ass ninja marketing team):

  • How to create high converting email follow up sequences that close MORE sales within the first 24 hours.
  • The most misunderstood and under-utilized resource to build a HUGE audience in ANY niche, so you can always have a FULL HOUSE of attendees with literally ZERO dollars invested in ads.
  • Secrets to getting your brand and name in the BIG MEDIA all throughout the United States (without hiring a PR agent).
  • Facebook advertising formulas designed to give you MORE traffic, leads, and sales than you’ve ever experienced before.
  • Ninja video marketing secrets and cutting-edge automation tools that even the so-called “video marketing experts” have no clue about.
  • How to capture the attention of complete strangers – using just your words, and ultimately “own your audience” within the first minute of speaking.
  • Ultra-powerful lead generation tactics that deliver guaranteed targeted leads on demand, without the need for your own pages/funnel.
  • What it takes to convince the BIG PLAYERS in your industry to promote YOUR products to their customers.
  • & Soooooooooo much more! 🙂

NOTE: If you are interested in joining the fun, you must be a part of our facebook group and an active subscriber to get the full deets. 😉

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How We Build Our Funnels – Step By Step Process (Putting The ‘Funnel Puzzle’ Together)

If you have ever tried to put together a sales funnel, you’ll know that it’s not as easy as Russell Brunson makes it look. 😛

You have your emails, your capture page, your sales page, your order page, your access page… And now you gotta somehow put them all together. #whatamission

In this 2 hour video (yup, you’re gonna wanna get some coffee for this one), I walk you through the exact step by step process we use to create sales funnels for our business apps.

Surprisingly, I haven’t seen anyone explain this process step by step, and because of that – A LOT of people are left with a bunch of pieces of the “funnel puzzle” and struggle to put everything together in the right order.

Actually, 99% of people who attempt to build a funnel on their own, are doing it completely wrong (or shall I say, “backwards”).

I also share some of my biggest secrets to writing powerful email copy that you can use to close more sales in your business.

Keep in mind, this video is also a semi-training tutorial for our in-house developers and interns.

With that said, I do make some comments here and there addressed specifically to our team (to pay attention lol)… But the message and the lessons I share are really meant for you to learn from and adapt to your own business.

Some of the tools mentioned:


Drag n’ Drop Pro & Mailing Boss (page builder with built in autoresponder)

ThriveCart (order page builder)

Zaxaa, JV Zoo, DirectPay (other order page builders)

Pretty Link Pro (link tracking plugin)



P.S. Here are the steps broken down for you:

Step 1. Create “Customer” Autoresponder list with at least one “welcome” email

Step 2. Create Thank You Page (linking to access page)

Step 3. Create Order Page (linking to autoresponder list)

Step 4. Create Sales Page (linking to order page)


Sales Funnel + Marketing Campaign Development Process (Team Training 2)

Got a little insider treat for you today.

I wanna let you in on some of the in-house training provided to our online marketing interns.

Tons of GOOD STUFF here… Thought it would be helpful for you and anyone else looking to grow an online info-business.

This is the second call – if you wanna see the first one where I share the core “under-rated” fundamentals of business and marketing success (and all other videos I post), subscribe to our youtube channel.



P.S. For your convenience, here are the cliff notes of all the main points mentioned on the video:

6 Phases:

* Plan & Prepare
* Strategize
* Create & Produce
* (Pre) Launch & Test
* Tweak & Optimize
* (Launch) Scale & Grow

* Plan & Prepare:

1. Client Questionnaire Form {Client}
2. “Discovery Call” {Collaboration}
3. Market Research {Agency}
4. Data Analysis {Collaboration}

* Strategize:

1. 2-3 “Hook” Variations
2. Irresistible Offer
3. Marketing Funnel Blueprint
4. Social Media Promotion Blueprint
5. Execution Strategy

* Create & Produce:

1. Sales Funnel Development
2. Social Media Pages
3. Social Media Campaign Development
4. Website Development (if necessary)

* (Pre) Launch & Test:

1. First 2-3 Ads/Funnel Campaigns
2. Social Media Campaign(s)

* Tweak & Optimize:

1. Analyze data from ad performance
2. Pause the losers
3. “Split Test” the winners

* (Launch) Scale & Grow:

(AFTER you have at least 1 WINNER)

EXPAND TO MORE Marketing Avenues & Ventures




– Webinar Presentations
– Guest Blogging Opportunities
– Media/Press Publications
– Radio / Podcast Interviews
– Local Meetups & Conferences
– Guest Speaking Engagements
– Keynote Speaking Engagements
– SlideShare Promotion
– Lead/Client Acquisition
– Referral Rewards Program
– Joint Venture Partnerships
– Affiliate/Referral Recruitment
– Sales Rep Recruitment
– Sponsorship Opportunities
– Call Center

How I lost a 7-figure deal because of my “insurance” looking website

True story…

& Probably DOZENS MORE that followed!

Just because our website “looked like we were a car insurance company” (exact words from the 7-figure partner I lost).

He turned down the opportunity to make millions together, because we didn’t “have our sh*t together” (again – his words, not mine).

I was left speechless with no comeback.

I (almost busted into tears – and) felt straight up HUMILIATED.

I knew deep down – what he said, was 100% true.

I had a crappy brand design.

InfopreneurAgency.com Website 2015 (Insurance company haha)

For the rest of that day (and several weeks that followed), I was completely self-conscious of how crappy my website & brand looked.

…(you know that feeling you get when you have a chocolate stain on your pants and everyone’s staring at you? Come on, I know I can’t be the only one… Alright, whatever)

Point being…

I was EMBARRASSED to Even Talk About My Company to ANYONE.

I Had a Serious (& Expensive) Wake Up Call!


After (wiping the tears off my face – I mean, you know) “Man’ing” up…

I thought long and hard about…

  • How many other PEOPLE (potential clients or partners) were not taking us seriously…
  • How many other LIVES could we have changed…
  • & How much more MONEY could we earn in our business…

If we just had a more AWESOME brand design?

I made a revolutionary discovery:


You and I judge EVERYONE and EVERYTHING immediately based on their appearance (whether you want to admit it or not).

That, of course, includes other people judging YOU & your business based on the way it “looks.”

High-end clients, and business professionals will not waste their time with brands that don’t have a matching brand design.

Instead – when they see a crappy brand design… They RUN THE OTHER WAY!

And (even worse) – The clients and partners that do stay, are more than likely NOT your ideal clients.

I quickly realized that if we really want to play in the big leagues – on the level that our mentors and hot-shot celebrity clients play in, we MUST change the way we present ourselves.

We needed a complete design makeover.


We immediately went to work on a new logo, new tagline, and new website design..

BUT… little did we know…

It wasn’t as easy as we had originally anticipated it to be.

We habitually ran head-first into one obstacle after another – one lost cause after another.

We invested (more like “wasted”) 100’s of hours into this project – brainstorming with our team and others, moving from one designer to another, and consulting with so called “branding experts…”

…to FINALLY feel like we had something halfway decent (but actually it came across intimidating to potential clients – when we were going for “approachable”).

Infopreneur Agency logo version 2.0 (attempted redesign – gone wrong)

After putting ALL of our resources and focus into just redesigning our brand, it still scared our potential clients away…

By the grace of God (and I mean that literally)…

I was blessed to have met the GREATEST Brand Designer In the World (after going through THOUSANDS).

In less than ONE WEEK (probably a total of 10 hours)…

She literally transformed our company into the business you see today!

Let me tell you…

This Was Our #1 Game Changer!


There’s just NO WAY we could be where we are today, if it wasn’t for her rescuing us from our “crappy brand design nightmare.”

Now, I am PROUD to share my company, and brand to EVERYONE! 🙂

High-end clients, JV partners, and even college interns COME TO ME because they perceive our company as an AWESOME brand to associate with.

I’m invited to exclusive mastermind events, and given access to AMAZING exclusive deals on some of the GREATEST programs and services available – which I can offer my clients!

And here’s the crazy part…

“We Are Still the SAME Company We Were When We Started!”

Infopreneur Agency logo version 3.0 (100% rebranded to AWESOMENESS)

We are still the same AMAZING community of bad ass marketers, media experts, and communication consultants…

We still have MILLIONS of satisfied customers and clients, served by our powerhouse network of experts & service providers WORLDWIDE…

And I’m still the same young online marketing dude from Cali, that connects you with the right resources & tools you need to grow your dream business, and guides you each step of the way.

The ONLY thing that changed was our design (and the confidence & credibility that came with it).


Over the next series of blog posts, I will be revealing the journey that we went through to redesign our entire brand, along with all the challenges, triumphs, and golden lessons that came with it.

You will also get to meet our amazing brand designer, and have an AMAZING exclusive opportunity to learn from her directly – plus receive a ton of extra special POWERFUL bonus tools & resources to help your brand stand out even MORE! 🙂

But what I want you to get from this lesson is:

“Think of Your Brand Design as Your Client Filtration System.”


It’s either serving you well – by filtering out unwanted clients, and attracting only your TOP ideal clients & partners.

Or, it’s DESTROYING you –  by scaring away your ideal clients (and partners), and attracting only the unwanted ones.

On that note, I leave you with these 3 tips today:

  1. Educate yourself on – What makes an AWESOME brand design that actually brings you the RIGHT clients and partners (secure your free sneak peek training module + bonuses from our brand design genius here).
  2. DO NOT -> Start promoting your brand, website, logo, or ANYTHING that represents your company without getting a professional unbiased opinion on how effectively it filters out unwanted clients, and attracts your ideal clients.
  3. DO NOT -> Schedule ANY calls, host any webinars, or sell any products to people without working on your brand design FIRST (unless you are intentionally not looking to grow a truly AWESOME thriving business).


Helpful resources:

FUN Brand Design Quiz: “Is Your Visual Brand Crappy?”

AWESOME Training: “How to Create an AWESOME Brand Design That STANDS OUT”

(stay tuned for more details on our limited bonus resources + tools for the first 100 customers only, provided by Infopreneur Agency – GRAB YOUR COPY TO SECURE YOUR BONUS DEAL TODAY)

Case Study: How I Generated 80+ Qualified Leads In 2 Days For FREE (part 1 of 2)

Got a SUPER SPECIAL TREAT for you today! 😉

First off, Congratulations on finding this post!

What you’re about to learn here is absolute PURE WHITE GOLD.

This is the first video (of two) documenting my new discovery I’ve found that’s building my list on complete autopilot, and connecting us with some seriously awesome people that are eager to work with us at the same time. 🙂

We’re averaging about 20-25 HOT fresh (email + phone) leads every single day – and it only took me 2 hours to set this up.

(watch the video for the basic low down, and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for the second – more in-depth – video).

Here’s the General 4-Step Breakdown:
  1. Create a job posting on indeed.com, targeting your IDEAL client.
  2. Ad some JUICY copy in there, to really sell the benefits of “working” with you/your company.
  3. Export applicants + Add them to your autoresponder (we recommend app.dndpro.io for a no-hassle import).
  4. Send your applicants an email, inviting them to a longer survey form built on your page, which they must fill out in order to receive the orientation/interview call details (connecting to your autoresponder).
    • Of course, this does take some basic web development skills, or at least a platform to build your pages on easily (we recommend app.dndpro.io for that as well).
    • Check out my example here (built on wordpress with “gravity forms” plugin – if you need a copy, lmk). 😉
  • You have eliminated 95% of the “tire kickers” and “non-serious” applicants.
  • You have GOLDEN information about your applicants that you can use for whatever you’d like.
  • You have their BEST email address, instead of their “indeed.com” email.
So… What’s next?

Totally up to you… But at the time of writing this, it’s been 5 days and we have:

106 targeted leads/applicants > 21 forms submitted from even MORE targeted leads, ready and excited to jump on a call with us next week!

After our call, we will have…
  • 5 new furiously passionate online marketing interns ready to kick some ass with us online, learn from our awesome marketing team, grow their own business at the same time, leverage our powerhouse JV partners, and play with our EPIC business automation tools.
  • 21+ new connections with every single person on that call, regardless of whether they are chosen for the job or not.
  • 106+ applicants that I can contact via email or phone, about anything related to becoming an online marketing intern, or learning “online marketing” in general.
Now, it’s your turn (no more excuses)…

I just laid everything out for you to model and duplicate for yourself.

How are YOU going to implement this strategy in YOUR business?

What kind of leads are you going to attract to YOUR brand?

How many people are you going to sign up? 🙂

You won’t know till you give it a shot…

One more final tip:

If this does not work for you the first 1-3 times, please don’t give up.

Instead, test a new headline, some new copy, a new angle, or a completely different audience altogether.

Odds are, you can benefit from working with more than just your “super narrowed down micro-niche” audience. Maybe there’s something you can offer to a much wider crowd. 😉

P.S. Did you like this? You would LUUUUUUVE our newsletter!

Sign up now to get the next JUICY video + even more extremely powerful ninja secrets and resources to help you generate more leads and more sales for your info-business. 😉

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How can a complete newbie (or semi-newbie) infopreneur become a trusted authority in their industry?

My advice to startup infopreneurs:

* be yourself
* be real
* site your sources 🙂

Don’t try to pretend you’re a “guru” and you already know everything, because you really don’t need to.

Know where you stand on the “expert —– witness” spectrum on your topic, and just speak from there.

Need some help deciding where you stand on the spectrum, or how to gain credibility and authority in YOUR industry?

Let us know on our private facebook community.

& Join us at 10:10am pacific each Saturday on Zoom @:

From PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/848368246?pwd=%2FHjFlhq1NMQ%3D
Password: onelove

Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll):  +14086380968,848368246#  or +16465588656,848368246#

Or Telephone:
+1 408 638 0968 (US Toll)
+1 647 558 0588 (Canada Toll)
Meeting ID: 848 368 246
International numbers available: https://zoom.us/zoomconference?m=EHvXLh7yfteEgsMl2WxVULUsZzfAo5KY

If you’d like to schedule a one on one instead, send an email to me directly at: omar@infopreneuragency.com

P.S. Let’s hear from you! Comment below with your message, and where you stand on the “expert/witness” spectrum. 🙂